Friday, January 6, 2012

Decide to lose weight~~~

Why am I still awake on 5:34am? I didn’t sleep last night……

I just found out an old boyish friend’s blog, I haven’t seen him for 10 years… He still looks cute and handsome and his girlfriend is very beautiful too, he just proposed to her during last November… I looked their photo albums, they had really sweet time, I can tell….. I don’t know why that I can’t sleep after I saw their pictures….. I don’t know why that I make up my mind to lose weight suddenly…… Maybe is jealous, I don’t love him of course, but I think I fell in love with sweetness between them.

I’m looking for love… I want to take pictures like them… I want to wear pretty dresses… Yes, I must lose weight!!!!!! I must look thin!!!!!!I must look beautiful!!!!!!

This is the last time that I will make up mind to lose weight, because this time I’m gonna succeed, I’m gonna reach the goal, I will never give up!!!!
I decide to post videos on YouTube to show how fat I am right now to the whole world, but once I’m succeed, I can also show the world how beautiful I am!!! Yes, this time is final!!!
I want to lose weight!!! Starting today~~~~~~~~